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Making Coffee

Who are we?

We’re located right in the downtown core of Kapuskasing, ON where our primary purpose is to keep people caffeinated. We strive to serve great quality coffee and an array of health food, freshly prepared on premises. At the same time, we hope our cozy atmosphere will bring a little flare to the small town vibe. 

The business was initially established many years ago by Brenda Summers-Gabel, later to be owned by Lily Hachez, who then, sold the business to us.

Though we purchased an established business, we had a vision, which is probably obvious because if you buy a business, it's kind of assumed that you have a vision of some sort.  Of course, we didn't know we'd be facing a global pandemic in 2020, which forced us to put on our creative caps again and come up with new ways to serve the community and stay relevant. Our most significant change in 2020 was the addition of our General Store, to include beautiful Canadian products that are ethically and sustainably sourced. 

Our food is fresh, always.  Everything is made right on the premises, which proves to be a challenge at times with our tiny kitchen, but we obviously make it work.  Our salad dressings are scratch-made and flavour packed (thanks to Davis).  We use real ingredients and love to stay creative when it comes to food.  Our new weekly features' menu allows us to do just that, while bringing interesting and delicious meal options to our town.  Our baked goods are either made on premises (hey baking fairy) or purchased from La Boulangerie, which is why our sandwiches are so good!  And, since Dom herself deals with dietary restrictions, she knows first-hand how hard it can be to eat out.  So, we try our hardest to offer a variety of gluten-, grain-, and dairy-free options, as well as something for the vegetarian and vegan crowd.

Though we know you'll come back for the coffee, we hope you'll enjoy the atmosphere and find something to peak your interest in our General Store. 

Meet the Team


Dominique Tremblay


A creative, coffee-obsessed introvert.



Baking Fairy 

Retired  school teacher.

Makes the best cookies. 


Davis Nash


A quiet food genius.

Trust what he tells you to eat. 


Luc Portelance


Millwright by trade, he's the handyman

behind all of Dominique's crazy ideas. 

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