2020 Take Aways

Updated: Jul 1

I know none of us will forget this year, for obvious reasons, but I want to talk about the lessons I'm taking with me into 2021, without focusing on the aforementioned obvious reasons.

Self-care is, as I suspected, of the utmost importance and it is never to be taken for granted. Sure you can do a lot of self-care at home, but a facial isn't as satisfying when it's not in the spa. Is it absolutely necessary? No. Can you live without it? Yes. Do I want to? No.

Repeat above for lash extensions.

I can cut my own hair. Is it as good? HA! NO. Do I want to keep doing it? Also no.

You can miss a chiropractor as much as you can miss your dog.

What keeps a business afloat is creativity, beyond the obvious. Like countless others, I had to get back to the drawing board in March when everything locked down and we didn't know what the fuck was happening and that taught me that, I can do this. I appreciated this opportunity the pandemic gave me to organize and make sense of my creative energy and make it tangible. I don't want to sound boastful or ungrateful here, I'm anything but. I just want to share that one of the not-so-shitty sides of the pandemic for me was to be able to put some otherwise simply fleeting ideas into motion and be rewarded with some success.

There's a whole new meaning to 'shop local' and it doesn't just mean in your town, but Canadian. If you can get something in your town, then do it. If not, try to stay in your province, and then at the very least in Canada. We are blessed with a huge array of makers and shops in our beautiful country and it just takes a bit of Googling to find them. In my case, I found wholesalers and I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to be reselling Canadian goods, by Canadian makers, to Canadian consumers. It's good stuff too, not like we're settling.

Sushi sells. Like really, really well. And Davis is the sushi king, because, without Davis, there is no sushi.

Sushi day is exhausting. In the very best way. That is all.

A mask is like underwear. The more you wear it, the more comfortable it is and the less it bothers you. Not everyone wears it, not everyone wears it appropriately. Also, little penises everywhere, am I right?!

The people in our town are immensely supportive. Way more than anyone every thought. The support, be it through purchases, social media post shares, and so on has been immeasurable this year and I promise, local entrepreneurs are eternally grateful.

Viruses don't travel on their own, people bring them to you. I think we've all learned this one a few times over this past year. Will the lesson stick? To be continued. (To be clear, I'm not saying no one travel again, but maybe hold your travelling horses during a fucking global pandemic to avoid bringing back to Canada a new strain of Coronavirus. Spoiler alert: it's been done.)

Life is one big group project. And it's painful AF, just like it was in grade 6.

My husband is all the entertainment I need. Get your dirty minds out of the gutter, the guy's funny, like really funny. And he's the only person who can make me laugh no matter my mood. We should all be so lucky to have someone like that in our lives.

Social media is the saviour of 2020. I mean, how did the people in 1918 do it?

Social media is the bane of 2020. Didn't we all envy folks in 1918 who didn't have to deal with all the Karens??

Schitt's Creek. Thanks to a friend of mine, I knew how awesome this show was before it won all the Emmys, but not everyone knows what we're talking about. And don't we all want to be part of the Levy family?!

I'm surely forgetting a few, because I didn't write anything down. Maybe my lesson for 2021 will be to write shit down.

From us to you, Happy New Year. We wish all of you health, kindness and peace for 2021.

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