A Global Pandemic Isn't ALL Bad

I realize that this is the most unpopular opinion of all unpopular opinions BUT, hear me out. I'm not saying that COVID in itself isn't bad, because I'm sure it's awful if you contract it. What I'm saying is that the aftermath of the global pandemic (aside from financial, though our Government was tremendous in aiding us here) isn't all bad. In fact, I'm going to point out the good right here, right now.

After I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2015, life took a major tailspin for me. I knew I needed to do something (and going into business for myself was one of them). I turned to Hygge which, if you don't know, is Danish for 'cozy' (sort of, I'd google it for a proper definition). In Scandinavian countries they live life at a much slower pace than us western folks and I don't understand why we don't just start living like them because they've got it right, in my opinion. It took me YEARS to learn to slow down and find a pace that my dysfunctional-might-as-well-be-87 body could deal with. Having said that, living a slow life in the midst of a fast-living-instant-gratification society is not as easy as it seems.

Enter Coronavirus and its tumbleweeds.

This pandemic forced us all into slowing down and living with less, reevaluating the pace at which we live our lives and why that pace is problematic. And, that a weekend spent relaxing, Netflixing and ignoring many adult responsibilities is far from being wasted.

I can't tell you how much adapting my life to a slower pace has changed everything for me. Down to my negative thoughts and anxious nature. I learned to say no to the things I hate and that make me feel like shit and yes to the things that are good for me, even if they seem frivolous or unnecessary to others. I still have to stop wanting to eat alllll the gluten and dairy (which are awful for my body's inflammatory tendencies) but that's probably going to be a lifelong battle.

I digress.

So, this pandemic gave the ENTIRE WORLD a much needed reset, and, though it did come with some widely negative aspects, let's not ignore all the good that it has (hopefully) taught us. It's given us all a change to stop, think, and reprioritize our shit. Whether you take that opportunity or not is your problem, but, you get my point.

When I bought the cafe, I had a vision that was forced to the back burner because, well, life. Now, though, now my vision of baking pretty loaves topped with nuts and oats and serving only fresh food is being realized. This pandemic gave me the opportunity to make these big changes and have them be (mostly) welcomed because not only were we all expecting change, but we were looking forward to it after confinement.

I hope I don't come off insensitive, because that's not my point. And I'm not. You can't have an anxiety disorder and be insensitive - TRUST ME. I just know that I have to let go of the things I can't control and, in order to not become severely depressed, I have to look at the big picture and find the good.

And, now it's fall. And it's time to slow down even more. Relax, spend time at home, outside, enjoying nature's splendor as it slowly goes into hibernation.

So - thank you. For supporting my dream and letting me caffeinate and feed you. For letting me share my love of food with you and, for literally keeping food on MY table, and on my employees' tables. I really hope I can inspire you to slow down, look at the other side of the coin (unless you're already looking at the positive side, in which case, keep looking).

Oh, and just wear the damn mask so that all our progress isn't lost.


Dom X

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