Airbnb Update

Whew! What a process. It's exciting and anxiety provoking and fun and, at times, not so fun. If you've ever renovated anything, you know what I mean. We're in the home stretch now, barring any other surprises. Of course, there have been surprises, it's a hundred year old building. When husband went to change the bathroom tap on Sunday, there was water everywhere, despite him having turned off the water supply. I immediately soaked up the water with the towels I had literally JUST taken out of the dryer to be ready for our first guests. Face slap emoji right here. We also had another water mess when we removed the dishwasher because we didn't know that the sink would also drain down the same pipe. Second face slap emoji right here. Maybe we should've known, but we didn't. So I used the kitchen towels I had just taken out of the dryer to soak up that mess. Lesson learned - do not wash anything before you're completely done renovating. The husband would say that's obvious, but whatever.

We've got the little stuff to do - knobs on closet doors, change out the doorknobs for locking ones, clean the carpet, and decorate (my favourite part). Moving in the furniture will be my least favourite part. In fact, I think I might be otherwise occupied that day.

We're hoping to be done, and I mean DONE, with the long weekend we have coming up. After that, a friend of mine suggested I do an open house so that people can see the place in person, as opposed to online with pictures only. I agree, it's a great idea and will absolutely be doing an open house. So keep your eyes peeled for the event on Facebook!

Talk soon,


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