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It feels like just about everything comes back to ethics now. Yes, even your coffee is ethical. Well, ours is anyway, I don't know what kind of coffee you drink. As time moves forward, I think folks are becoming more and more aware of the challenges that face our planet, and we're all (hopefully) making efforts toward leaving a smaller carbon footprint, doing good, and giving back. I am one of those people. I get very uneasy when I think of all the damage that has been done to our planet and how much we are truly affected by global warming. We are in a time of extreme consumerism and disposal and it's absolutely terrifying. I know some people don't believe it and that's their business, I'm sure their little holes in the sand are completely comfortable around their heads. But me, my head is out in full air and it's sometimes a little nauseating to say the least.

SO! Imagine how excited I was to find out that the coffee I sell, in MY coffee house, in MY little town, here in rural Northern Ontario, actually DOES GOOD. Yes! Stop the presses (the french presses)! The coffee we sell here at Back to the Grind is not only Rainforest Alliance Certified, ethically sourced and organic and all that fun stuff, but it's actually giving back and doing good. Excuse me a minute while I attempt a cart wheel. Kidding, I'll just happy dance briefly. But seriously, it's probably the happiest news I've gotten all year.

We serve five different coffees daily here at the shop; two flavoured blends, a light roast, a dark roast and a decaf. They're all ethically sourced, but our light and dark roasts are a little extra special. Sit yourself down while I tell you how amazing our light and dark roasts really are. Our dark roast, Reunion Island's Privateer Dark actually helps provide clean drinking water in the coffee growing region of Honduras. Every pound of coffee sold does good. Really good.

Our light roast, the Sierra Verde, more commonly called 'Columbian' or 'bistro blend' by our customers, helps plant trees! Every single pound of this coffee sold plants TWO TREES. I'm not crying, you're crying.

So, you're going to drink coffee anyway, but this coffee, this coffee actually does good! And, to add to this awesomeness, our cups, lids, and coffee cup sleeves are completely recyclable and made from recycled paper. You can feel really good about a cup of coffee at Back to the Grind. And if you want to feel extra good, bring your reusable mug and we'll give you twenty cents off your coffee. Recycle, reuse, and help do good with us.

Love always,


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