Friday Thoughts

I so want to be one of those bloggers that writes a regular post every week buuuuuuuut I'm not. Just for today, we'll pretend I am though.

I always struggle to try and link my blog posts back to coffee, somehow, but in the end, doesn't everything relate back to coffee?! And if you don't think so, get a coffee to sip on while you read this and there you go. Just to be safe, I'll stick a picture of myself in the coffee shop at the end of this post so that you're clear about who's blog it is. (insert laughter emoji here)

This week, I feel like social media has been overwhelmed with a lot of negative crap and I'm over it. Facebook especially (Instagram isn't as bad). People will just post anything and not filter their thoughts and it's getting to be a little too much. Calling people "fat", degrading comments, racist comments. It's just not acceptable. My solution? Block button please. If we all block those people, they won't have anyone left to talk to, except maybe those who share the same opinion and well, they can have eachother.

I recently changed the shop hours to close Saturdays and Sundays. It wasn't a decision that I came to lightly, because part of me actually did enjoy the slower pace of Saturdays in the coffee shop. However, I had to let my business brain take over that one and Saturdays just aren't profitable. So now, we're open Monday to Friday from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM. I felt it was a good idea to open later, to allow folks who work regular Monday to Friday hours to come grab a cup or some take out when cooking is unappealing. I do hope you'll take me up on that. I was also the kind of person who liked grabbing an afternoon coffee when I was working so I figure I'm not the only one.

I'm excited about Downton Abbey at the movies this weekend. I love going to the movies, always have, and Garrick is doing a fantastic job, so I try to support him as much as I can - which isn't hard when the popcorn is just that good.

I got a new debit/credit machine for the shop because the rates were better. It's super snazzy and I'm honestly a little intimidated by it. You shouldn't be, but I am.

We also moved the cookies to one of the shelves behind the counter because of wondering hands. Yep, it's true, people would grab their own which is a major health issue so now they're out of reach - literally. But we're always happy to grab one for you, and I don't want you to think we're anti-cookie.

Finally, the pumpkin spice season is nearing its end (yes, really) so now's the time to get in a PSL and activate your basic white girl. And, because I can hear the shock from here, no, that's not a racist comment.

Oh, and I'm excited for snow.



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