Hello December

It's December in two days and I'm not even freaking out. My Holiday to-do list is a lot shorter this year. I made it a priority a few years ago to slow the F down. And that applies to everything (and everyone). I love the Holidays; love, love, LOVE. Almost as much as I love winter. So for this beautiful season, full of hope and warm wishes, to become stressful and unpleasant for me was a wake up call. Time to slow my roll and chill. Like the cool kids would put it.

I want the Holiday season to be a time of enjoyment, one that I look forward to year round. I'm slowing down in everything I do, working hard at being mindful, and though this may sound undoable, it's totally doable! It's a choice. Oh yeah, I went there, and I know some people hate (like LOATHE) hearing that something is a choice but it's the friggin' truth, what do you want me to tell you. We choose to make the Holiday season one of madness and rushing and overly busy and unpleasant.

Instead, what if we didn't put any importance on getting all gussied up for Holiday parties and get togethers and we focused more on being comfortable, happy and enjoyed the feeling of togetherness. What if we didn't bake up a storm because, truthfully, who gives a shit if the pie was bought at the store and the cookies were from a bake sale. What if instead of racking up the credit cards to buy a bunch of crap that, let's face it, the kids won't be playing with anymore come February, we played a bunch of board games and went sliding. What if we didn't cook a big ass turkey and instead made a simpler meal, one that lets us be in the living room with the ones we love instead of in the kitchen sweating and basting. Because, are you ready for this? The Holidays aren't about that crap! Did you fall off your chair? Sorry if you did. But realistically, the Festive Season is about spending time with those we love (that's those we actually love, not those we're obliged to love) and not about feeling like shit. It's a time to renew, to relax and to enjoy. Shit, it's a time to drink almond milk Bailey's like it's going out of style!

SLOW DOWN. Get back to actually enjoying trimming your tree and hanging twinkle lights everywhere. Spend a Saturday in pj's listening to sappy Christmas movies. Spend Christmas morning watching your loved ones faces light up as they open the gift you got them (if you fo gifts and celebrate Christmas, cause if not, that's cool too).

I'm not religious, so really my celebration of Christmas has nothing to do with the actual reason the holiday was even invented. So for me, the Holidays aren't that. They're about focusing on things I enjoy, warmth, family, friends, my dog, the weather. This year, I asked my parents if we could just spend Christmas day watching movies like Home Alone and The Grinch. Our family traditions went with my grandparents, and so we can make new ones instead of being sad about no longer having the old ones. The days I truly look forward too in the Holiday season are December 21st and 26th. The 21st is the Winter Solstice, and I love everything it stands for. But it was also my grandfather's birthday. And he was a hell of a man. So I look forward to quietly celebrating his birthday every year. The 26th was my grand-mother's birthday. She was every bit as special as my grampa was and so I celebrate the 26th as much as the 21st. And of course, the Boxing Day sales are never awful to peak at.

I don't care what you call it, when you celebrate it, whether you do or not, or what you believe in. See, that's not the point. The point is to make it what it means to you and E-N-J-O-Y. Did you get that? Read it again. Go back, seriously. Got it? Good. Because you're about to spend the loveliest December you've ever spent. And yes, that was a choice.


Dom xx

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