Holy Shit, it's Almost 2020

It's that time of year when everyone gets super sappy and reflects on the year that we're leaving behind. This year, though, people are going to get extra cheesy with this decade coming to an end. I'm overly analytical all year, so December is no different for me. I started this decade in a completely different place, both physically and mentally, than I'm ending it. And you know what? I wouldn't change a thing! Not. a. single. thing. Every experience, every smile or tear, shaped me into who I am now and I'm nothing if not excited to see what the 2020's have in store!

I made it a priority a while back to neither categorize things, experiences, moments as good or bad. I dislike both adjectives and find it's way too restrictive to say that something is good or bad. Rather, I like to reflect on how events, people, things shape the world around me. Regardless if a moment is felt as being good or bad by someone, it shapes you. Every moment is an opportunity, a choice even. And I know that's a big ass pill to swallow for many, to think that they had a choice in something they feel was terrible. But when it all boils down to it, in things we cannot control, we can always control how we react.

I'm sure you've grown as much as I did in the last decade, it's almost impossible not to have grown! I haven't been alive for five decades, but on January 1st, I'll be entering the fifth decade of my life because I was born in the eighties. There are atrocities that happen every day in the world around us, and honestly, as a race, I'd have hoped that humans would be further along than where we are now. Not in technology and all that crap, because it's practically impossible to have a current iPhone since a new one comes out every minute. But in human relations, in empathy for our fellow people, in plain open-mindedness and understanding. It's awful how backwards it feels we're going at times. But, it's not a reason to despair. I don't think anyway. There's hope. There's always hope because there is so much kindness around us if we choose to focus on that. If we're kind to our fellow humans, even the unkind ones, we'll see a change.

So on that cheery note, I leave you all with this, courtesy of Pinterest, one of the lovely advantages of the upcoming twenties, as opposed to the past twenties. Though, I think we should bring back that style.


Dom xx

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