How We're Doing

I’ve been asked a lot lately about how the business is doing, how we’re keeping afloat, if we’re okay. People have been extremely kind, supportive and I know the concern is genuine.

Truth is, we’re okay. We’re better than okay, actually. And we don’t take that for granted, not for a single second.

This year has brought challenge after challenge (for everyone), obviously with the pandemic but also with leaking tubs and garage demolition and 100 year old building problems.

What this year hasn’t brought us though, is health problems and we are forever grateful for that. The way I see it, financial issues and logistics can always be worked out, and I don’t say that lightly or demeaningly. I mean it just as I say it; where there's a will, there's a way. The pandemic brought us all a host of new challenges, but we were privileged enough to be able to face the challenges head on and create, in my opinion, a better, more successful business. One that is truer to who we are, and represents us more accurately.

This year has highlighted the things that truly matter, in ways that no other year has done (on a global scale I mean). The pandemic brought some huge and important lessons, and we need to learn from them.

I feel fortunate every. single. day. that we’re healthy, our loved ones are healthy, and our business is still open. We didn’t lose a loved one to COVID. We didn’t have to close our doors. We didn’t lose our home, our love, our light. And that is what truly matters.

So when someone asks me how we’re doing, I took to answering that I can’t complain. And that’s true. I’m grateful, humbled and still sometimes want to pinch myself that I was able to reopen the café doors after our temporary closure, because I know that many other businesses weren't that lucky. We were able to keep our employees, and that is because of you, our lovely clientèle. We continue to receive tremendous support, and that never goes unnoticed or unappreciated. I absolutely love the little store that we've transformed and I look forward to keep transforming it in the many years to come.

So, when someone asks how we’re doing, we’ll keep saying we’re good. And thank you, for your support and generosity.

With the Holiday Season in full force, I know how difficult it can be to not be able to gather as we're used to. But, know that Christmas, Hannukah, and all the Holidays aren't cancelled. They may look different this year, but think of it as short term pain for long term gain. There is a light at the end of this very long COVID tunnel, and we're starting to see a small reflection of it. So, let's keep going for the greater good, and hope for the 2021 Holiday Season to look more like what we're used to.

Love and light to all,

Dom X

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