Folks often ask me what our coffee is like, where it’s from, and how fresh it is. 

First off, we order it in whole beans and grind it ourselves on a daily basis. The reasoning behind that is that coffwe begins to lose freshness immediately after being ground, so ideally it ahould be ground just before brewing. 

We also keep the coffee in its airtight bags, correctly sealed and at room temperature. It’s true some believe that freezing coffee will keep it fresher, but in reality coffee is ideally stored at room temperature in an airtight container. 

Obviously the main reason for our coffee being so good is that it’s quality coffee and certified through the Rainforest Alliance. Before owning the place, I was a loyal customer because I’d never found such tasty coffee. That obviously hasn’t changed! 

When we sell coffee, people ask us to grind it for them and I understand that it’s easier and more convenient that way. However, to conserve the freshness, coffee should remain in whole beans until consumption. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a fancy coffee grinder to do that at home.

You can actually grind your coffee beans by hand using a mortar and pestle, which gives you a very consistent fine grind. Simply press a small handful of grinds at a time.

You can also achieve a find grind at home using a hammer or rolling pin with your grinds in a ziplock bag. 

A blender or food processor also works, if you have those at home. It works very similarly to an actual coffee grinder. I’ve been told some blenders even have a “grind” setting. 

It’s also important to use the right grind for your coffee maker. A fine grind is best for espresso and aero press makers, a medium grind is for drip style coffee makers and for a french press you need a coarse grind. 

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