Navigating our Menu with Dietary Restrictions

I know from personal experience that eating out can be daunting when you have food allergies, intolerances or dietary preferences so I hope to make things a little easier with this post to help guide you through our menu, depending on your dietary restrictions.


GF=gluten free

DF=dairy free



Farmer's Breakfast - V/GF (without toast)/DF

Buddha Bowl - V/GF

Western Sandwich - DF

Omelette - V/GF/DF

Breakfast Burrito - V (hold the meat)/DF (hold the cheese, regular salsa)

Open Poach - V (hold the meat)/DF (hold the cheese)/GF (hold the toast)

Oatmeal - V/VG/GF/DF

Bagel - V/VG/DF

Wraps & Pitas

Veggie - V/VG/DF

Ranch - V (hold the chicken)

Caesar - V

Southwest - V (hold the chicken)/DF (switch to regular salsa and hold the cheddar)

Greek - V/DF & VG (hold the feta, oily greek)

Spicy Thai - V & VG (hold the chicken)/DF

Caribbean Jerk - V & VG (hold the chicken)/DF

The Gyro Pita - V (hold the chicken)


House - V/VG/GF/DF

Caesar - V/GF (no croutons)

Fiesta - V/GF/DF & VG (no cheddar, regular salsa)

Greek - V/GF/DF & VG (no feta, oily dressing)

Caribbean Jerk - GF/DF

Spicy Thai - GF/DF

Club - GF

Power - V & VG (hold the chicken)/GF/DF

Chef - GF/DF (hold the cheese)

Souvlaki - GF/DF (hold the feta, oily dressing)


Can all be DF if we hold the cheese.

No GF/V/VG option available.

Pitza and Panini

You build it, so you can make it V, VG or DF.

No GF option available.


You built it, so you can make it V and GF.

Extreme Meals

Chicken Parm - DF (if you hold the cheese)

Chicken Cranberry - DF (if you hold the cheese)

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