Our Coffee Discovery Box

I get a lot of ideas. Both my own and some from generous people who share their creativity with me. (side note: thank goodness I have great people around me to act as sounding boards otherwise there'd be a lot of Instagram stories of me rambling and, no one has time for that)

Shortly after taking over the business, a friend of mine (who loves flavoured coffees) asked me if I'd be willing to create a kind of coffee themed box, sort of like all the other boxes floating around. Fast forward three years and here we are. Poor thing, that's how long it took me to manifest this.

I knew the vision I had for the business when I took it over, and it included some what it's become today. I always wanted to have a retail section filled with carefully selected products that represent me and my values. So, that being said, they had to be Canadian, sustainable and delicious. Oh, and easy on the eyes. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging. Anyway, I digress.

I knew what I didn't want the coffee box to be: a subscription. Can't stand those myself so I won't make other people suffer through them. I wanted to create something affordable, practical and cute. And I knew the box had to be black.

So, three years of muddling ideas on and off and here we are. Our first Coffee Discovery Box produced in May 2021. Now, SPOILER ALERT: if you haven't open yours yet, STOP READING.

Coffee - duh. Every box will always include coffee. I wanted to start off strong with one of our customer favourites: Maple Cream. This flavour used to only be available in the spring, but has since become a year-round option, because it's so well loved. And, it's May, so it made perfect sense to include this flavour. All our coffees are from Reunion Coffee Roasters in the Orillia area. And trust me, they're unbeatable.

Tea - not every box with include tea, but some will and we wanted that option for the consumer. So, to keep the spring theme going, I chose to include Pluck Tea's Smoky Maple loose leaf. Pluck is also an Ontarian company and they're environmentally conscious as well as delicious.

Finally, I added a Ten & Co. swedish sponge cloth because everyone needs one of those, imo. I first got onto the swedish cloth band wagon a few years ago when my aunt introduced me to them. Then I discovered Ten & Co. and the rest, as we say, is history. I haven't bought paper towels for my house in years and I use no other cloth to clean dishes, wipe messes, etc. I chose the black X design because it's timeless, simple and everyone will love it.

How long will this go on for, no idea. Until I run out of delicious coffee blends and cool products to put in it. Stay tuned for the August box, I'm already thinking up ideas for that one.

Dom, X

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