Pandemic Coffee

So, obviously, I'm continuing my stellar reputation as a would-be-blogger-but-can't-commit-to-posting-regularly even with nothing else to do. I can't use work as an excuse now can I, since I've been home for eight weeks now and well, there are no new blog posts to show for it.


I'm sure you all have as many feelings about Coronavirus as I do. Truthfully, it took me a minute to chose a title for this post, and 'Pandemic Shit' was definitely in the running.

So, it's now been eight weeks since I closed down shop not knowing when or even if we'd reopen our doors. Unlike you, I'm sure, things have been interesting. These unprecedented times have sure been interesting and we can't say that through tough times we unite because it's painfully obvious that we don't. This pandemic has definitely brought out the ugly in some people. But, let's not focus on that, everyone is aware of the ugly because it has a way of creeping through closed doors, doesn't it. And let's be real, this whole pandemic has been a provocative topic for many. Please don't @ me because I don't want to hear it, honestly. Let's focus on the good. If you choose to see it, there is a lot of good.

Our small community is mighty. I can't tell you how many messages of "love and miss your shop" I've received over the last two months. Each of those messages and comments is truly heartwarming and means so, so much.

As you must know, the decision to close was not made lightly. All of this has been rather overwhelming. Between the drastic drop in sales and the whole social distancing aspect, I feel as though time away was needed. Being at home hasn't been all bad, a lot of it has been good actually. Once the financial stress subsided (sort of, because I'd obviously prefer my regular monthly sales to thrive on), it became easier to appreciate this somewhat forced vacation. As my fellow self-employed peeps would tell you, we don't get time off. Even on our days 'off' our brains are very much 'on'. So I have to admit, it was kind of nice to have much less to do and to be able to sleep in. I mean, I never really sleep-in, but 07:30 is way better than. my usual 05:30.

The plan to reopen has been on my mind since the closure, but always awaiting further news from our Provincial and Federal Governments. We wanted to do things safely and as efficiently as possible. So we've got the plexiglass up, the social distancing markers on the floor and all you have to do is follow the arrows. Literally. We put social distancing arrow-shaped markers on the floor so you know exactly what to do when you walk in the shop.

We made the decision to offer our usual coffee & full espresso menu as well as some baked goods. Any prepared food product has to be pre-packaged so we're keeping that in mind. Furthermore, our hours will be reduced and our food menu will not be available at this time. I'll be cooking up a storm though, in order to have prepared meals available daily. And I think I've got some good ones, if I allow myself a toot from my own horn. So, week one is starting May 19 with opening hours of 10 AM to 2 PM. We're taking it a week at a time and we will keep you all apprised as best we can, using social media.

We hope you'll come grab your favourite espresso drink and try a prepared meal. I doubt you'll regret it.



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