Phase Three & Changes

Just when you thought I had left the blogging to the more consistent people, here I am with a brand new post! I've given up on the idea of posting consistently, it's just never going to happen. And, yes, I can say never.

I bet you didn't think we'd still be talking about Coronavirus come July, and yet, here we are. It's been a year, but I'll admit, I think the world needed the time out. As much as it has been trying, I've worked my hardest to take it in stride. Of course it's the phone calls where I answer and someone asks "are you open?" that make me want to scream WHY WOULD I ANSWER IF I WERE CLOSEEEEEEEDDDD and then set the place on fire, but not as much as when people poke their head in and say 'Oh, you can't sit here' and leave. Ummm, yeah, the eye roll emoji was made for moments like this. But, in spite of my patience being shorter than the shortest straw, I've managed to make the most of things and let me tell you how in this long winded, albeit a little off topic blog post.

So, to save you a terribly long and boring story, I'll tell you that I like fresh food. Not like fresh when frozen, but actually fresh. I don't like having to read a list of ingredients longer than a Game of Thrones novel, or try to Google the ingredients to see if I can eat the shit or not (spoiler alert: if you can't pronounce the ingredient, it's probably not good for you or the neighbour's dog). So pouring some dressing from a bottle to go with your otherwise healthy salad is just pointless, now isn't?! Yes. Yes it is. So I not only want to eat fresh food, I want to serve it in my restaurant.

Well, enter Coronavirus and a wackload of time alone with my thoughts, I revisited everything. EVERYTHING we serve. And all the cooking and baking I've done in the last nine weeks has been fun (and tiring, but mostly fun) and has me decided on offering you lovely people the freshest food I can.

Beginning now. Well, technically we began nine weeks ago, but you get the point. Back to the Grind will only serve fresh food, scratch made sauces, spice blends and baked good. This means the price point will go up slightly, but at least you won't be eating crap. Moving forward, all of our sauces and vinaigrettes will be our own blends, so when you ask us what they contain, not only will we know without reading a bottle, we'll be able to pronounce the ingredients. All of our baked goods will be scratch made, right in our kitchen, or purchased from La Boulangerie, who also only make their stuff fresh. All our meals will be made using fresh vegetables, fruit, our own spice blends and recipes. I'm excited about this, in case you couldn't tell. I value quality over quantity and I think you'll come to see why.

Our usual menu was shrunk down to the items we absolutely sell everyday in order to make room for a revolving weekly menu that will drop every Tuesday. This will allow us (myself and the cooks) to be as creative as possible and bring you fresh ideas and fun meals. It'll also keep you tapped into our social media, which is where we do the advertising. Change isn't always well received, but I really hope these changes will be because they are truly for the better.

A few notes about phase three and what it means for our customers:

We will have to offer table service, per health unit regulations. Dine in customers will not be permitted to walk around the restaurant or order at the counter like before. Our tables (extremely limited by the way) will be reserved for dining customers. Those have coffee and baked goods will be asked to take it to go, since we know you've been looking forward to eating in for a while!

As you know, the Porcupine Health Unit has made masks and face coverings mandatory beginning July 23rd. So, unless you are part of the exempt population, you will be asked to wear a mask when in the cafe. We will have some for purchase for those who do not have any. And the most frequently asked question: yes, you can remove your mask to consume food or drink while at your table.

Things are going to be very different, but we're excited about it and looking forward to hosting you and serving you the freshest food we've ever served.

Stay tuned for the menu drop this Monday!

With love,

Dom X

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