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I'm so excited to bring in teas that are not only Canadian, but based in Ontario! I love supporting small businesses, and this is as local as it gets for tea. Pluck has a lovely array of loose leaf and bagged teas and, let me tell you, the decision was hard. In speaking with them, I decided on a small (but flavourful) tea menu for in-house, as well as a few others for our very own retail section! I've been wanting to bring a retail section in the shop ever since dreaming of buying this place. So I thought I'd give you all a little run down of what we've got.

We have some available for having in-house or taking away. I decided to go with bags (which are a pyramid bag) for this option in order to minimize error with the whole tea weighing process. This way, you know your tea will taste the same every time you have it. For our retail section, I went with vacuum sealed bags of loose leaf.

E A R L G R E Y C R E A M - this tea has a smooth finish, with a milder, creamier version of traditional earl grey. Available in-house.

M A S A L A C H A I - you want a real chai, this is it. It is so flavourful that you just might want to buy a bag of loose leaf to bring home *wink*. Filled with cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg and get this, it can be had as a latte! Yuuuummmm. Available in-house.

C A N O E L A K E B L E N D - caramel, maple sugar, and pine smoke. "Memories of campfires and sugar shacks" as the PLUCK tea menu describes it. Available in retail.

C T R L + A L T + D E L E T E - a herbal tea made with lemon, ginger and Muskoka cranberries. This baby sells itself. Available in-house.

S O U T H B R O O K B E R R Y B L E N D - grape skins right from the Niagara Organic vineyards with hibiscus and berries. If you like a fruity tea, this one's for you! Available in-house and retail.

A F T E R D I N N E R M I N T - for the chocolate mint lovers, it has artisanal cocoa nibs with rooibos and mint leaves. And the cocoa nibs are from Toronto's Chocosol Traders. Available in-house.

C A N A D I A N M A P L E - It has real maple syrup. Enough said. Available in retail.

G E O R G I A N B A Y B L E N D - My husband and I visited the Georgian Bay region and we were in awe of the beauty right here in our own province. So when I saw this one, I knew it would be part of my retail section. Wild raspberry and blueberry. This tea has a lovely story behind it. It as inspired by PLUCK founder's childhood. Available in retail.

P R I N C E E D W A R D L A V E N D E R - it does contain lavender from PEI and a hint of ginger. Perfect nighttime tea. Available in retail.

F I E L D S O F G R E E N - Premium organic green tea. It also has a hint of dried apple and spice. Available in-house.

L O T 1 7 P R E M I U M M A T C H A - Sourced directly from Shizuoka garden of Japan, it is superfine and is ideal of traditional match or lattes. Available retail.

We will also be selling some tea filters, which are set to arrive early next week. And, if these teas are a hit (which I have no doubt they will be), I could be swayed to enlarge our retail section.



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