Thank You

When I received the email from the Chamber of Commerce showing the Business Awards nominations, I was floored. YOU had nominated us for four categories. I knew we'd be nominated because some of my friends had told me they wanted to throw us into the mix, but I didn't expect we'd be nominated for so four categories. Then for us to make it through to the finalists, I honestly didn't expect it. There are so many great businesses in our small town, and some fierce folks behind those businesses. To say the least, it's been humbling.

I'm still a rookie in the world of business and I'm always amazed at what some business people are doing. We have a lot of talent in our small town, and a lot of smart cookies. I find it exciting to be part of a group of fellow business owners in these award categories and, truthfully, it's an honour to be counted among them.

I'm excited for my staff and myself to get to be a part of this. My shop wouldn't go anywhere without my staff. Tim and Davis are not only hard working but kind and fun to have around. They know what they're doing and I can trust them with my business operations which speaks volumes and is more than I could ask for as a business owner.

And, obviously, my business would be nothing without all of you, my customers. You're the reason we're still here! And we're immensly grateful to all of you for keeping us in business.

So I guess I'm feeling gushy and thankful and all the things to be able to live my actual dream every day.

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