Trail Blazers, but with Lipstick

A day late, I know. You know, I never used to be late for anything. I was actually always abnoxiously early. I’m not entirely sure when that all changed, but I’m now one of those people who, when they say “on my way” they haven’t left yet and you’ve got another good ten minutes of give. I used to roll my eyes at people like that. And now I’m one of them. Good old irony.

Anyway, as usual, I digress. But is it digressing if you haven’t even started on the topic at hand? Anyway.

Okay. Women’s day. I’ll be honest, I have mixed feelings about International Women’s Day. I think every damn day should be women’s day and at the same time, I feel as though it should be a national holiday but, only for women! Cue arguments.

I am honestly so proud to be a girl. I wouldn’t change it for anything. Not a damn thing. I think we can have all the goods AND the power to be whomever and whatever we want because of all the trail blazing women that have come before us. But, wait. That trail, it’s not done. We still have to be trail blazers for new generations of women.

Because being a woman still means something in politics, in the workforce, in a mechanic‘s shop, at the doctor’s, in court, on social media, at home. I feel like a woman should be able to be at the top of her game and still breastfeed her baby because that’s what she wants to do. Women should be able to have it all because they’re human and no different than men.

Ah, but we are. And that’s a great thing! What needs to happen is the removal of the roadblocks that are put in front of us just because we have different genitals. I’m thinking of all the old classics, women are too emotional for this, they’re too irrational for that, they can’t have a baby AND make partner, a woman can’t be Prime Minister, she can’t chair that board, and all the other bullshit we’ve heard and keep hearing. I want it not to matter than I’m female when I give my opinion, I want what I say to be taken with as much clout as whatever my male equivalent has said. I don’t want to be taken advantage of because I don’t know something. I want to be educated. I don’t want glares when I give my opinion, and shocked looks when I say what others are afraid of saying. I want the words that I say to be appreciated and considered, regardless of the fact that I am female. BECAUSE IT SHOULDN’T MATTER!!

Women have opinions. Women can be rational and men can be irrational. Women have emotions and that doesn’t make them weak or unable to weigh the rights and wrongs of a decision. What if the INABILITY to consider emotion in a decision is the problem? What if we should consider big, heavy issues WITH empathy?!

What we need to do to move forward in the trail blazing is to treat women as HUMAN. Read that again. We are capable, worthy, and deserve the same amount of respect as a man receives in any scenario. ANY FUCKING SCENARIO. Yes, I say fuck, shit and all the other swear words. No I don’t cross my legs when I’m in a dress because I hate crossing my legs. It’s uncomfortable and it hurts. And don’t even get me started on the pressure put on women’s appearance. You don’t wanna shave your legs? Cool. You want to wear bright red lipstick and bold eyeliner, also cool. You want to eat the hamburger and desert? Eat the damn burger and cake! Your size. Your grooming preferences. Your appearance overall should. Not. Matter. Ever.

We have a duty. And when I say “we” I mean all humans. We must educate to tear down the walls that separate men and women. Because it’s not a matter of can or can’t. It’s a matter of will or won’t.

I will be heard. I won’t shy away because I’m the only woman at a table full of men. I will push on passed the judgements and side glances (even though they make me feel like shit) and say my piece. I will be stronger than my weaknesses and than the assumptions of others. Because you know what, men have all those things too. We’ve just ignored most of it for all this time.

So, ladies. Stand up. Say the thing you’ve

been meaning to say. Truth is, women can do everything men can do (every. damn. thing.) even if it looks a little different while it’s happening.

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