We Are (almost) Airbnb 'ers

Does owning an airbnb make you and airbnb 'er or are you an airbnb 'er when you rent one? Anyway, it's the best title I could come up with for this post. Anyway. So there are two rental units above the coffee house; a two bedroom and a bachelor. The bachelor was redone in late spring and is occupied, but the two bedroom became available recently and we decided to go the airbnb route as opposed to having a tenant, or tenants. Reasons for that decision? A few. If we do the airbnb, we have better access to the unit for repairs and updates. We will also have less repairs to do because it won't be in use on a permanent basis (it's only normal for a tenant to want to decorate the place and make it their own) and we'll be the ones furnishing and decorating, so likely less wall scratches.

In all honesty, it was my aunt's idea to go the airbnb route. She stayed in one when she visited and suggested we go for it with our larger unit since it seemed like an automatic move with the coffee house right below. We talked about it on and off and then decided to just go for it, as it could always be listed as a rental unit in the future, should the airbnb route not work out for whatever reason.

The unit needed work, and a lot of paint. It was a little dated and was just the kind of project that I like tackling (slowly and in steps because fibromyalgia). Luckily for me, a friend of mine so generously offered to paint and she's been a friggin saviour!

We're through a lot of the work, we've demoed what we wanted to demo and we're almost done painting the walls. Husband will tackle the ceilings this weekend, which is a job I never do. We still have to change out the lighting, floor the bedrooms and the bathroom (I think), set up a open shelf in the kitchen (because that's become my signature decor trait), and then the fun can start with the decorating and staging.

I'm trying to post regular updates on my personal Instagram page @simplementdominique as well as the coffee house's Instagram page @backtothegrindcoffeehouse. So if you've got nothing else to watch, go check those out!

We don't have an official opening date but we know it'll be done by this fall. However, we are taking reservations anytime, so give us a call!


Dom X

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