I decided to start this little blog to accompany the little coffee house/bistro my husband and I recently purchased. I enjoy blogging and sharing my thoughts, and since our little business has been occupying all of my time, I thought why not combine the two?! A place to share recipes and anecdotes (the funny kind) because it’s more fun to laugh with others than to laugh alone!

Since becoming a business owner, a brand new adventure for both my husband and I, life has changed quite a bit. It’s been great! As a former psychotherapist, I’m used to dealing with high stress situations day in and day out. Now, I’m happy to see that my stress level has gone way down and to be doing something that allows me to tap into my creative brain on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, owning a business has its challenges and stressful moments (like when you get four boxes of haddock instead of chicken) but I’ve found so far that these moments are easily laughed off and fixed efficiently thanks to partenering with great people.

This change of career has been drastic but so welcome for me. I enjoy meeting and seeing all the lovely faces that come into our restaurant, be it daily or as a visitor. In this short months I’ve already met an array of wonderful people from near and far. I can already see the attachment building to the business’s regulars. My daily interactions are always positive and make me look forward to each new day in a way that I couldn’t have imagined. Also, there’s coffee so what more do I need really.

All that to say, before this becomes rambling, that this has already been such an enriching adventure and we’re only just beginning. My most favourite season is quickly approaching and then Christmas will be here and my mind is just buzzing with all kinds of creative ideas, I can’t wait! Follow along on Facebook and Instagram and read about what’s got my mind buzzing here on the blog.

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